Weight Management

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I don’t believe in diets; they should be banned!

Over the years I have tried them all! They all work to a point but once you stop the weight piles back on with interest! The only way to lose weight safely and for good, is to alter your mindset and make long term and realistic changes to your food choices.

I promise you, to take control of what you put into your body, and then enjoy the results, will fill you with confidence and empowerment.

My weight loss management programme will be tailored to your lifestyle and individual needs. Your general health, family history, medical conditions and lifestyle will be taken into consideration.

I will assess your current eating habits and together we will explore the improvements, that with my support, could be implemented. We will set some achievable goals and start working towards sustainable change. I will supply you with a nutritionally balanced eating plan and recipes which will enable you to move forward and take charge of your weight loss. At this point we can discuss the various levels of support you feel you may need in the weeks ahead.

I am a true advocate of healthy eating as a lifestyle choice, not just a fad, and feeling good and healthy with lots of energy is at the core of everything I do.