Transforming Your Energy Levels

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Without energy we have nothing!

Are you tired all the time, even after a good night sleep? Do you experience that mid-afternoon slump? Did you used to have loads of energy and now the simplest tasks feel an uphill struggle?

My goal is to get you feeling energised quickly and as easily as possible – one thing I absolutely know is that to achieve this we must make some adjustments to what we put into our bodies in order to regain our energy levels.

In an initial consultation, I will identify where you are at currently, discuss your lifestyle, diet and any medical conditions. We will focus on your lifestyle, exercise routine and sleep patterns, and whether you are taking enough ‘time out’ for yourself.

I will then put together a specific food plan that will help you achieve an increased level of energy. We will also look at some supplements that will help along side the eating plan. You will be eating foods that increase your energy and I will help you avoid the foods that leave your energy depleted.