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I was amazed at how quickly I started losing weight, I felt I was eating more. Meetings and telephone calls with Vanessa were very helpful
I so appreciated Vanessa’s support. She was always at the end of the phone and I would send her pictures when I was shopping to make sure what I was buying to eat was ok!
I found working with Vanessa literally life changing for the better
My GP suggested I see Vanessa. I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and wanted to try and get on top of it. As I work in the city, it is not always easy to avoid eating the wrong things. Vanessa was very supportive. She provided me with me with information of where to go within a short distance of my office to find the right food options, right down to advising me what I could and could not eat at each place. Six months after seeing Vanessa and re visiting my GP, I am no longer at risk of developing diabetes.
I went to see Vanessa in May this year. I was feeling constantly tired, stressed, irritable and generally run down. It had not crossed my mind that I might have started the menopause. With Vanessa’s experience and support I am managing my symptoms and feel much more like my old self. Vanessa’s approach to menopause is so refreshing and empowering, she has made me see the positives in embracing this next chapter of my life