Thank you for looking at my new website!

I never written a blog before. I love reading other peoples blogs but to write one myself?  Do I have anything interesting enough for anyone else to want to read? I’m told it’s the way forward, so I will give it a go!

In the last few years I have become very much more aware of my own mortality. Maybe it was losing my own Mother when she was so young, or perhaps I came face to face with a potentially life changing illness myself. I suspect it is a combination of both.  The latter is what ignited my interest and passion for healthier nutrition. 

Until I was in my forties, I don’t think I ever really gave the nutritional value of what I put in my body a second thought. I lived life to the full, eating too much of the wrong things, drinking alcohol without any thought of the damage it may do, doing both day in day out. I have always struggled with weight. I’ve tried every diet out there but despite trying these diets, I never thought about the nutritional side.  The only point of the diets in those days was to shed the pounds. Sometimes I achieved the weight loss, but the weight always went back on.

I now know what I must do to stay healthy, fit and at the right weight. I achieved this by my own means, by trial and error and constant research into my inflammatory condition. At that point I was wanting to stop the pain and feel better. I wasn’t thinking about the weight. However, when I made changes, the weight fell off –big bonus!   My nutritional training was making me understand the science behind it. 

As a consumer, I just wanted to lose the unwanted pounds and improve my health but where to start? Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, no carbs, high fibre, meal replacements – it’s a minefield!  They all work, particularly when you are on them, but in my opinion and experience, once you stop and return to what you consider to be ‘normal eating’, the weight just goes back on.  Our mindset tells us that the pre-diet unhealthy habits are normal eating, and the diet is just a period of short term restriction.

For me its about my mindset, what I have learnt through training and research, and enjoying a balanced lifestyle.  I have found a respect for myself, feel empowered as a person and finding a deep-seated confidence in all aspects of my life. This is something I never had and its taken over 40 years to finally come!  Every bit of my new-found life balance and confidence comes from within and by achieving successful and sustainable changes I have made to my health, energy, weight and fitness.

Going forward watch out for my blogs on health, nutrition, weight and my new found love of clothes shopping!