About Vanessa Lang

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I am a Nutritional therapist/health coach. I can help improve your energy, gut health and digestion, immune function, hormonal balance, menopause and advise you on stress and weight management.

A nutritional consultation is maybe what you need to support you through making a change to achieve your personal goals.

Private consultations can be arranged in your own home, London or via Skype where more convenient.

“Make the best of your life for the rest of your life”

Vanessa Lang

I am a Nutritional Therapist/health coach specialising in transforming energy levels, weight management and stress.

I first became interested in health and nutrition when in 2014 I was diagnosed with a potentially life changing inflammatory condition which left me unable to lead a normal life. I was forced to give up a job I loved and spent days in bed unable to move because of the pain. I refused to accept what the Doctors were telling me, so my family and I started to research my condition. My determination to find an answer led me to a chef in America whose symptoms appeared very similar to my own. He had totally reversed his chronic condition by overhauling his diet. At this point in my life I would have done anything to change the situation I was in. I began to eliminate certain food groups from my diet and almost immediately, I started to notice a difference in the pain. Every aspect of my health was improving. Two years later, I left my consultant speechless as every marker in my blood that indicated my inflammatory condition had gone and I had lost 4 stone in weight!

I became fascinated in the science behind my recovery and started to train as a nutritionist. I qualified in 2016 and since then have been working with clients inspiring and motivating them to make lifestyle changes that will improve energy, health and happiness.

I am an avid foodie and prolific recipe developer and I love experimenting to create healthy recipes for my clients.
Four years on, I am still 100% healthy. I have reintroduced certain food groups, some with success, and some I will cut out forever. I am now five stone lighter than in 2014! I love how well; strong and healthy I feel in body and mind.